7-Eleven YYC Concourse C

Convenience store

LocationCalgary YYC International Airport – Course C
C-Store Area 1,820 sqft
Project ScopeNew Tenant Improvement

Integrated Services provided by CTM:

  • Audit & As-built Services
  • Architectural Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Design
  • All Permitting
  • Construction Management & Documentation
  • Administration & Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • Inspection & Professional of Record Sign-off

The CTM Solution:

This project was truly a first of its kind, as it involved developing the first 7-Eleven convenience store to be situated within an airport terminal in Alberta, as well as also being the first project within the Calgary airport to utilize YYC Airport Authority’s new “Technical Design Standards”.

Located in the Calgary International Airport’s domestic arrivals terminal (Concourse C), this project involved transforming an existing vacant tenant space into a new 7-Eleven branded convenience store.  Since YYC did not have record drawings of the existing space available for use, CTM had to conduct a detailed onsite audit, and obtain spatial and utilities related data required to produce accurate as-built drawings of the existing space.   Due to the sensitive nature of this location, CTM conducted this work while adhering to the stringent security guidelines set forth by YYC.

Once the as-built drawings were produced, CTM assisted 7-Eleven’s floor plan design team to produce a convenience store floor layout that suits the very unique shape and configuration of the existing premise, all the while adhering to 7-Eleven’s national “proto” design requirements for product offerings and interior finishes.  The new layout must be spacious enough to visually advertise the main product offerings to the thousands of passengers walking through the terminal each day, while at the same time effectively utilize the relatively restricted floor area to maximize on the merchandising sales.

Since this was also the first tenant improvement project within YYC to utilize their new “Technical Design Standards”, CTM worked very closely with the YYC Airport Authority to ensure the various guidelines relating to signage, exterior finishes, lighting, and overall exterior aesthetics are carefully followed.  A dedicated permitting process (“Construction & Installation Permit”) with YYC Airport Authority was then made, which replaced the typical Building Permit submission process with the municipality.

CTM’s construction project management team then oversaw the entire construction phase of the project, from initiating the construction kick-off meeting with all project stakeholders to conducting the final deficiency walk-through, at which time the project is officially handed over to 7-Eleven Operations.

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