Your business is convenience. As a full-service Canadian convenience store design specialist, so is ours!

As the needs and expectations of consumers have evolved, successful convenience stores have responded by upping their game to attract customers in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Today’s multi-faceted convenience stores require specialized design and engineering expertise of a partner who is experienced in all aspects of modern convenience store design elements: Retail fuel service | Hot food service | Convenience goods | Lottery kiosks | Quick service restaurants kiosks | Specialty drink stations | Car wash bays | Branded and non-branded food | And much more!

For over 25 years, CTM Design has served independent retailers and corporate clients across Ontario and western Canada. As an integrated, one-stop Canadian convenience store design, engineering and architectural firm, we offer the full range of services to translate your design standard into an efficient and profitable business.

One Stop. Many Advantages.

As a convenience store owner/operator, no one appreciates the value of getting everything in one place more than you. By choosing an integrated engineering, architecture and design firm with all key services in-house, you benefit from improved planning and coordination; streamlined communication and decision-making; greater accountability and simplified billing.


CTM understands the complex electrical requirements for lighting, refrigeration, hot food equipment, gas and auto service.


We ensure all mechanical systems, including HVAC, are up to the job and create a positive customer experience.


Whether it is a new build or renovation, our engineers confirm the integrity of all buildings and structures.


Complete support for all aspects of site development: from utility hookup to site access, drainage and landscaping.

Permit and Zoning Applications

With a detailed understanding of your municipal zoning requirements, we avoid oversights for a smoother approval process.

Construction Management

By choosing your design firm to manage the build, you can be sure the construction aligns with the design.

EV Charging

We can help C-Stores integrate EV rapid charging stations into current locations or new builds, providing all electrical engineering, site design, and permitting work.

Design to Sell

Convenience stores are more than simply a place to grab pop, chips and gum. They’ve become destinations for a complementary selection of products, snacks and impulse purchases that appeal to customers on the move. The most successful convenience stores draw focus to key destinations (such as beverage centres, premium coffee stations, fresh food coolers and hot food service). Decisions involving signage, lighting, and store layout all impact sales. [Check out 5 design trends for convenience stores in 2022]

Refresh. Rejuvenate. Revitalize!

According to the National Association of Convenience Stores, the average convenience store will undergo a remodeling or renovation every 10-years. Are you due for a remodel? It may be as simple as updating the paint, surfaces and fixtures to give the store a fresh, clean, contemporary look. Or, you may be overdue to expand your service offering (like introducing a gourmet coffee station, new hot food item or the latest fuel technology).

The right design partner can help you get the most value for your budget – and provide a staged design strategy that allows you to stay open throughout renovations, with minimal disturbance to your customers.

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One Store or 100?

Whether it is building a single store or renovating and rebranding an entire network of regional locations – you require a design partner with the professional expertise and the proven processes to ensure the job is done right, and is completed on-time and on-budget.

Recently, CTM was tasked with converting over 74 Esso On The Run stores to 7-Eleven locations in Alberta and BC, according to a vigorous timeline. CTM was able to successfully adapt their design standard to work with a much smaller footprint. [Learn More]


Branded vs. Unbranded Food Models

Unbranded programs provide higher profit margins. Branded programs are proven to be a more powerful draw for customers who seek out recognized brands for the quality, familiarity and status they represent. So which is right for you?

There are benefits to both models, and your decision will largely be guided by weighing cost vs opportunity – and always being mindful of what the competition is doing. You may even decide on a branded quick service restaurant kiosk and drive-thru. Whichever way you go, CTM Design is up to the challenge.

Meeting Health and Safety Codes

Whether building a new store or renovating an existing space, it is crucial that your design adheres to all Health Board requirements. CTM has put together this list of the 8 main requirements you’ll need to know if serving food.

Fitting in With Architectural Controls

You could be moving into a mountain community that is trying to establish a charming alpine look to appeal to tourists. Or, a commercial real estate development determined to create a unique character to set itself apart.

If you are required to tailor your convenience store or gas station design to fit within set architectural controls, you will need to team up with an experienced design partner who has the flexibility and vision to adapt your design standard – while protecting the integrity of your brand.

CTM has extensive experience working with architectural controls. Our creative, collaborative and cooperative approach helps us arrive at a solution that will meet the approval of all stakeholders.

CTM’s Integrated Design, Engineering and Architectural Services

  • Site planning
  • Electrical, mechanical, structural and civil engineering
  • Landscape design
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Concept design (architectural drawings & 3D models)
  • Floorplan design and space utilization
  • Refrigeration and food service equipment sourcing
  • Fuel and carwash equipment sourcing
  • Canopy and signage design
  • Drive-thru planning and traffic modeling
  • Menu boards, drive-thru ordering systems, and signage
  • Food service/health permit
  • Architectural control consulting
  • Development and construction permits
  • And much more
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