Construction Management

Assurance. Oversight. Expertise.

Overseeing the construction contractor to check that everything is being done correctly to meet the intended design as well as applicable code requirements takes time. More importantly, it requires an intimate understanding of the approved design – and a solid grasp of the construction process.

CTM can act as the conduit between you (the owner) and the construction contractor – serving as the owner’s representative. Essentially, our role is to provide quality control. As the Coordinating Professional, we have a legal obligation to ensure the contractor has built to the design intent as specified. So essentially, we’re your eyes and ears: here to see to it that nothing has been missed and no corners have been cut.

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Inspection management and warranty follow-up

Being an integrated design firm, CTM is able to coordinate and oversee all inspections on your behalf. As part of the inspection process, we provide you with progress draw verification and a certification of completion – which you will require prior to releasing the contractor holdback.

CTM’s involvement does not end when your doors open for business. We offer Warranty Follow-up Service and can review and inspect the contractors’ work according to the specified warranty schedule. Additionally, at the completion of a project we will assemble a comprehensive binder containing all warranty information related to the equipment and products used in your building.

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