Site and Building Renovation

Breathing new life into existing sites

Don’t let an old building or existing site limit your ambitions. CTM can refresh, revitalize and repurpose an existing space to meet your evolving needs. It could be that you want to expand your food or service offering. Perhaps it is being driven by the need for new technology. An insurance related event. Upgrading petroleum tanks and dispensers. Or it could simply be time for a long awaited update. [Discover the challenges and rewards of a convenience store redesign and renovation]

CTM will assess your needs and determine the best direction forward. Whether you wish to do a complete renovation where the building is stripped to the studs, or are simply updating fixtures and finishes, CTM can help! We can determine what existing components can be reused, which will save time, reduce waste and lower costs. In instances where it is crucial to keep the existing store open for business throughout the renovation, CTM will work with you to minimize downtime.

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