Detailed Design Packages

Integrated services and skillsets under one roof

CTM is a fully integrated design firm. Which means we bring together architectural design services and all required engineering design expertise under one roof.

So what does that mean to you as a client?

For starters, having one point of contact for all essential design services makes your life easier. It eliminates the back and forth, the miscommunication and potential differences of opinion that can result when two (or more) design partners are involved. It streamlines the process and gives you the confidence the entire team is on the same page. Finally, it can greatly improve efficiency and help expedite your project.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of choosing an integrated design team is that you can be assured that the building layout and key components within fully complement one another. If any conflicts arise (between electrical and mechanical for example) they will be immediately identified through the CTM Project Management Process™ – and remedied before they can become an issue.

CTM’s integrated design services include:

  • Architectural design
    • Site and Floor Plan layouts
    • Building Exterior Design (in 3D if required)
    • Interior design
    • Landscape design
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
    • HVAC
    • Plumbing
    • Gas and fueling systems
  • Civil engineering
    • Utility and infrastructure tie-ins
    • Access, traffic modeling, parking

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