Project Management

Greater accountability, awareness, efficiency and control.

Having all the design services you require under one roof simplifies your life immeasurably. Yet given the complex interplay between the various design elements, it is crucial to have detailed internal systems in place to keep everything running like clockwork. At every stage.

The CTM Project Management Process™

The CTM Project Management Process™ was created to allow us to deliver all facets of our integrated design services effectively and efficiently: on time, on budget and to the highest national standards.

It emphasizes upfront planning, ongoing tracking and flexible control. This ensures that both your creative and functional goals are attained in a smooth and seamless manner.

CTM’s tried-and-true methodology promotes greater project outcomes through:

  • Detailed processes based on Project Management Institute best practices
  • Extensive up-front work to understand all aspects of your project
  • Enhanced coordination and communication among team members
  • Advanced software and technology to facilitate our processes

The Power of Project Management

By establishing realistic timelines and deliverables, CTM’s project managers can effectively plan and allocate the appropriate resources to deliver the project with greater predictability and success.

Greater assurance

Upfront due diligence tailored to your needs.

Better Cost Predictability

Through detailed estimating and re-evaluation.

Accurate Timelines

A process that meets deadlines but allows for flexibility.

Improved Quality Control

Automated systems to prevent errors and omissions.

Enhanced Risk Management

Safeguards to stay on top of costs & progress.

Greater Accountability

Regular updates and transparent reporting.

Desired Results

We manage your project to deliver based on your priorities.

The 5 Phases of Successful Project Management

Project Initiation
Project Planning
Upfront Work – Accounts for 50% of
Project Management Focus
Project Tracking
Project Control
Project Execution
(Eg. Design Work, Submissions, etc.)
Project Tracking
Project Wrap-up
and Review

Project Initiation and Project Planning

Project Initiation is where we identify and define project goals, scope, requirements and challenges. It is an exhaustive process that ensures complete understanding of your project down to the finest detail. Project Planning involves determining the project scope, cost, timeline & risk.

After gathering all preliminary information, CTM’s Project Managers will develop a detailed plan outlining the required work. This includes:

  • A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that clearly defines all tasks, responsibilities and sequences.
  • A GANTT chart to map the design journey… from concept to shovels in the ground!

50% of project management effort occurs in the Project Initiation and Planning Phases – before the actual design work begins.

The more upfront work we put into understanding your project down to the finest detail, the better prepared we are to deliver the desired outcomes.

- Devin Mahaffey, President, CTM

Project Tracking and Project Control

At each stage of our engagement, the project manager will ensure that all tasks are completed according to the project plan and that nothing is overlooked. We will manage all submissions for permitting approval on your behalf and ensure compliance with municipal bylaws & zoning, building code and any applicable architectural controls.

Project Close-out

Once the project is complete and all loose ends are wrapped up – we will review the project to identify any areas where there is room for improvement. We then leverage and apply learning to future projects.

Get Professional Guidance at Every Step

An Approach Tailored to Your Priorities

Every client and every project have different priorities. Some are time sensitive. Some are cost sensitive. Others require a long-term solution that is built to last. CTM can gear our approach to reflect what matters most to you.

Keeping You Informed at All Times

As part of our Project Management Process™, you are provided regular progress reports and are personally updated at key milestones – helping to prevent surprises. You can even monitor key data through SharePoint.

Our PM Workflow & Software

CTM uses industry-leading software that allows us to conform to best project management practices.

Deltek Ajera

A real-time project management and accounting software designed for A&E firms. It can be used to effortlessly manage complex tasks like project reporting, resource scheduling, contract compliance, invoicing, and timesheet collection in real-time.

Deltek PIM

Provides project management and collaboration tools to keep teams connected throughout the entire project lifecycle. It centralizes thousands of files across all aspects of the business to provide the visibility, organization, and intelligence to run smarter. All workflows and processes are managed and shared through this platform.

PIM – Construction Management Module

Automates many construction management activities requiring coordination with internal and external parties. It seamlessly manages timelines, communications, reminders, approvals, and authorizations to proceed with full audit trail capabilities.

PIM – Mobile

Enables portable devices to record site visits and observations, issue site instructions, collect discipline-specific site inspection data and submit it in real time to the central PIM database for instantaneous response.

Putting Lessons Into Action

In our 30+ years working on thousands of projects across the country, we’ve learned a lot! This knowledge benefits all clients. For our ongoing clients, we apply the lessons and knowledge we’ve gained from your past projects to streamline and improve future builds.

Case Study: 7-Eleven Conversion

For proof that CTM’s Project Management Process™ works, learn how it allowed us to complete a 74-store brand conversion project within a 13-month window.

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