7-Eleven (Esso Conversion)

Renovation and Brand Conversion

Convenience Stores

Building area 1,000 sq. ft. – 2,800 sq. ft. (average)

Integrated Services provided by CTM:

  • Developing Design Standard
  • Architectural Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Permit Submissions & Approval
  • Project Management
  • Administration & Support
  • Construction Management
  • Inspection & professional of record sign-off

The CTM Solution:

In 2016, convenience store giant 7-Eleven took ownership all Esso On The Run locations across BC, and Alberta. 7-Eleven decided to convert 74 of these locations into 7-Eleven convenience stores. CTM completed the design and permitting work for all store conversions. We developed new 7-Eleven design standards for these stores to accommodate a range of building footprints: some as little as one-third the size of a typical 7-Eleven.

The design standard had to accommodate Esso fuel service requirements (which remained in place) and include 7-Eleven’s popular beverage station offering (Slurpees!!!), walk-in coolers and a smaller-scale hot-food offering. The latter required the addition of a grease interceptor and multi-compartment sinks. It was a textbook example of strategic space utilization management.

Based on our familiarity with the program, our project management systems and past experience with Esso, CTM was engaged to provide Construction Management Services on 40 of these conversions. Overseeing three general contractors, we were allocated one-week per build: which required 24-hour construction. At times, multiple sites were being built simultaneously. Some scheduling had to be revisited to meet strict noise bylaws that prohibited evening work in several Vancouver locations. 7-Eleven was extremely satisfied, and all stores remained open throughout the conversion.

Each store was completed over an ambitious 10 to 12-week period (including design, engineering, drafting, permits, and construction) and the entire program of 74 sites were completed over a 13-month staged build process.


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