Gas King – Medicine Hat

Site Renovation

Convenience Store, Retail Fuel & Car Wash

Integrated Services provided by CTM:

  • Design Concept
  • Brand Integration
  • Structural Design
  • Mechanic Design
  • Electrical Design
  • All Permitting
  • Administration & Support
  • Construction Documentation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Inspection and professional record of sign off

The CTM Solution:

This project illustrated the challenges and rewards many cost-conscious independent retailers face when renovating, modernizing and upgrading an aging facility. Gas King, a successful, independent Alberta retailer, purchased an existing gas station in Medicine Hat that was dated, and in serious need of a renovation. The goal was to leave the architecture and infrastructure intact while modernizing the look. The building was old, and the original blueprints could not be found. Like many older buildings, there were several hidden issues: including a rotted front wall that had to be replaced. CTM created a fresh new design concept ­– designating materials and finishes unique to Gas King. This was applied throughout the interior and exterior of the building (entrances, envelope, signage and forecourt). Other major design renovations included an all-new front entrance, the addition of a rear entranceway to customer parking at the back of the building, a contemporary hands-free washroom, and upgrades to the automatic touchless wash and wand wash bays. Despite a low 8’ ceiling height, CTM found creative ways to use lighting to make the space appear larger and more inviting. Throughout, CTM collaborated with the contractor to find cost-effective solutions to minimize the impact of the unanticipated construction requirements due to the aging infrastructure.

Gas King and their customers are ecstatic about the final results. Yet as they learned, renovation projects such as these can involve much more work and effort than most business owners realize. Partnering with a design firm that can walk you through the process and establish expectations at the beginning is important. While renovation costs can be intimidating, the price of having an uninviting, out of date store can be far greater if it drives your customers to the competition.

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