Conceptual Design

Drawing on experience

Nothing excites CTM’s architectural and interior design team more than a fresh sheet of paper – and the possibilities it represents.

Serving national brands, commercial developers and independent retailers, we specialize in creating inviting, functional and highly efficient business environments that deliver the optimal brand experience. Be it a quick service restaurant, big box store, retail strip mall or industrial space.

CTM’s architects pride ourselves in a pragmatic approach to design that can only come from an in-depth understanding of each client’s business. We go to great lengths to assess your needs, your systems, your core business functions, your sales strategies and your desired customer response. We determine how form and spaces within the building will interact with one another, and integrate the two to best meet your goals. We also strive to identify any future requirements so that updates will be seamless.

We know we’ve done our job when we unveil the concept drawings and see the smile on our clients faces slowly widen as they comment, “Wow. This is MY business. It finally feels real.”

CTM’s three stage concept design process includes:

1. Program Development: This is where we dig deep to develop a complete understanding of your project and conduct needs assessment.

2. Schematic Design: At this internal planning stage it’s all about finding the perfect fit. We determine what goes where – allocating functional space within the building.

3. Concept Design: This is when the picture of new business begins to take shape as we provide architectural drawings, renderings and 3D models for client review and municipal approval.

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