May 18, 2017
2:28 pm

Quick Service Restaurant Best Practices: Everything You Need to Know About Building and Designing a QSR.

quick service restaurant best practices

The Essential Quick Service Restaurant Architecture and Design Guide

BONUS! Includes The CTM Quick Service Restaurant Design Checklist

Despite providing professional design services for the quick service restaurant industry for over 20-years, we are still continually fascinated by the diverse backgrounds of those who enter the business as owner-operators. They come from all walks of life. Gas station owners. Former teachers. Farmers. Disillusioned office workers looking for a career change. Recent immigrants. The list goes on!

What do they share in common? They are all motivated, entrepreneurial-minded individuals seeking new opportunities and the freedom to be their own boss.

For most, it is a completely new experience. There’s no school for starting up a franchise. It is something you pretty much need to figure out on the fly.

To help, CTM would like to share our extensive experience designing quick service restaurants from BC to Ontario. We’ve consolidated advice, insights and strategies for successful design into one convenient booklet: The Essential Quick Service Restaurant Architecture and Design Guide.

We’ve strived to cover a wide range of topics to shed light on the quick service restaurant best practices design process from concept to construction.

We start with the importance of a site audit (similar to a home inspection for an existing restaurant site). Next, we share advice on choosing a QSR design firm.

The CTM Design Walk-through explains the four stages of the typical design process, using a Tim Hortons project as an example. This is followed by an insightful article called Why Layout Planning Matters, which sheds light on key considerations when designing your restaurant interior. And no QSR design guide would be complete without tips on executing the perfect drive-thru.

As a very special bonus, we have painstakingly assembled the CTM Quick Service Restaurant Design Checklist. This is an incredibly helpful resource for new owners and QSR veterans alike.

When we put this checklist together, even our most senior team members were taken aback, with one commenting, “Wow, when you see it all spelled out step-by-step, you truly realize how much goes into a restaurant design.”

With this knowledge, you will be in a better, more confident place as you take the crucial first steps in building your new quick service restaurant.

There is so much here to devour. Enjoy!

QSR Design Checklist