Sep 30, 2015
2:12 pm

Cracking The Code: Understanding Building Permits and Regulations

Building permits and Regulations

The Academy Award winning movie The Imitation Game brilliantly tells the story how a team of the world’s top mathematicians (led by Alan Turing) solved the riddle of the “unbreakable” German codes using the first computers. This breakthrough was instrumental in helping the Allies achieve victory in WWII. Sometimes, navigating the maze of building permits and regulations required to build your store or gas bar can seem just as daunting.

Fortunately, CTM has assembled our own team of experts to help customers resolve these complex challenges. While Federal codes apply throughout the country, each province has its own specific set of regulations and guidelines. As do individual cities and municipalities.

So how do we keep building permits and regulations all straight?

At CTM, staying on top of building code and regulation comes with the job. We go to great lengths to ensure we know the intricacies within each jurisdiction we work in. Our team members are trained and educated in code and regulation. We diligently follow all updates, and send employees on courses and seminars when major changes are introduced.

Different locations. Different requirements.

Federal and Provincial code generally involves safety standards. This includes codes around fire prevention, electrical wiring, mechanical and structural guidelines and plumbing. Guidelines around fuel storage and delivery are dictated by National Fire Codes, or Provincial Fire Codes (where applicable).

Municipal regulations affect a wide range of matters both inside and outside of your buildings. Usually these items impact municipal infrastructure, community standards and local health regulations.

This includes: zoning, land use, building heights, vehicular access, traffic controls, parking requirements, setbacks, water usage/storm water requirements, reclamation requirements, landscaping, architectural controls and much more.

Many things you would never consider can vary dramatically from city to city. For example, City A’s municipal regulations may require your property to retain a significant amount of storm water u/g and onsite prior to releasing it into the municipal underground storm main.  Yet in City B, the municipality may allow all storm water to be managed on the surface and expelled from the site via overland drainage onto the surrounding roadways.

So why is it important to work with a company like CTM to build your gas station or C-Store?

We specialize in gas station and C-store design – and we have extensive experience throughout western Canada. Our knowledge and expertise ensures we know about engineering and architectural requirements that those with less experience often miss. This ensures we design and build your facility the right way from the start – saving you from costly mistakes.

So, when it comes to code and regulations, you can kick your feet up and relax when CTM is on the job. Perhaps make some popcorn and enjoy a good movie – knowing your build is in good hands.

May we recommend The Imitation Game?

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