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CTM has the architectural, engineering, design and project management services to make your build – and your business – a success. For over 30 years, CTM has designed and delivered cost-effective, customer friendly, attractive environments that get approved. 

You and your business can rely on CTM to get your build done on time, on budget, and on brand for your next project.

Site and Building Renovation

CTM leverages its 30 years of experience to ensure renovations are not only up to current codes and standards, but also built with the growth of you and your community in mind. You can trust CTM to help you navigate your next renovation project and future-proof your business.

Construction Management: Financial, Sub and Supplier Oversight

De-risk your project and get CTM to help manage on-site subcontractors and suppliers. Get greater clarity on scheduling, project milestones, and budget, while trusting CTM to advise, direct and guide the general contractor to deliver on the design.

Seamless Municipal Approvals

CTM helps save you from costly oversights and delays while streamlining municipal and any other necessary approvals.

Conceptual Designs for both Renovations and Green Sites

CTM is a one-stop service for architecture, electrical, structural, mechanical, infrastructure and more. Whether it’s a strategic re-design or working from an empty lot, CTM has you covered.

Brand Revitalization and Standards

Bring your brand vision to life and deliver a brick-and-mortar customer experience that’s consistently great across all your retail locations.

Expert Project Management Process

With CTM’s proven Project Management Process™, you can rest assured that your build will be on time, on budget and on brand.

Content for Green Sites

New site? No problem. CTM will help take you from an empty lot to a fully developed vision.

Content for Detailed Design Packages

One-stop service for architecture, electrical, structural, mechanical, infrastructure and more.

Stamping Engineering Services

As engineers in multiple jurisdictions, CTM Engineering is licensed to stamp projects after ensuring both safety and compliance with local building codes. This stamping confirms that designs meet rigorous standards while also adhering to local building code. CTM also helps ensure that construction projects are safe and built to specification, giving you peace of mind and confidence in every aspect of the endeavour.

CTM Design Services Ltd. holds engineering permits to practice in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, enabling the company to extend their expert services across most of Canada. CTM’s broad licensing makes the company an ideal partner for customers with multiple construction sites, as it simplifies the process of ensuring regulatory compliance and design consistency across provinces and locations. Furthermore, having a single engineering firm manage all locations streamlines communication and project management, leading to more efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

All Disciplines in House

CTM is a complete team of specialized engineers, streamlining project coordination while also enhancing efficiency. The company’s integrated multi-disciplinary approach spans across provinces and locations to provide a seamless experience with predictable project outcomes, no matter how big or small the project.


CTM’s civil engineers excel in optimizing infrastructure for commercial projects. They take care of important aspects of the project like efficient site utilization, proper drainage systems, and robust paving that withstands high traffic volumes, focusing on long-term sustainability and minimal environmental impact.


CTM’s structural engineers design buildings that are not only structurally sound but also visually appealing. By using advanced materials and innovative techniques, they ensure these structures can withstand diverse environmental conditions while also meeting rigorous safety standards.


Electrical engineers develop comprehensive solutions that meet the unique needs of commercial outlets, focusing on reliable power supply, controls and energy-efficiency. CTM’s electrical engineers also incorporate modern safety features to protect against hazards, while also implementing control automation systems to enhance both the customer and employee experience.


The mechanical engineers at CTM design HVAC systems that are sized and rated for the specific requirements of each operation, ensuring optimal air quality, temperature control, and staff and customer comfort. They also leverage energy-efficient technologies that reduce operating costs and support sustainability goals.

Get professional guidance at every step. 

Feasibility & Site Assessment

Feasibility and site assessments are important in any construction project, allowing stakeholders to understand the potential limitations of a site. During this phase, experts at CTM work to evaluate environmental, regulatory, and logistical factors to determine both opportunities and potential pitfalls on a project. 

This evaluation typically includes analyzing a number of factors including soil conditions, access to utilities, and compatibility with local zoning laws. A thorough site assessment also helps identify potential risks and costs, ultimately ensuring the project stays on time and on budget. Put simply, site evaluations enable good decisions, and allow for optimal project plans with minimal unforeseen complications.

CTM Design was available when we needed them… Everyone on their team was great to work with and had the knowledge and expertise that is needed for a project like ours.
Scott Sibbet, VP of Retail Operations, Gas King

Construction Inspection and Sign-off

Construction inspection and sign-off are both crucial steps during a construction project. Engineers and Inspectors thoroughly check to make sure construction follows safety standards and matches design. 

They look at a variety of aspects like structural integrity, electrical systems, and accessibility, to ensure everything is built to specification. The final sign-off is a key stage where both the consulting engineer and inspector confirm that the building is safe and ready for use. 

This process not only ensures the safety and functionality of the building, but also gives the building owner confidence that their property is well-built and compliant with all regulations.

  • 30+ Years
  • 50+ Employees
  • 1,000s Projects

Engineer or Architect?

In construction or renovation, deciding whether you need an architect or an engineer depends on the project specifics. 

CTM’s Architects specialize in creating the aesthetic and functional designs needed for both new buildings or major renovations, while also bringing their expertise to bear on compliance with zoning laws and overall ambiance.

On the other hand, CTM’s Engineers work seamlessly with our Architects to ensure safety and structural integrity, while also dealing with technical aspects like structural changes and design, environmental assessments, and systems such as electrical and HVAC.

For further details on when to hire each professional and how they can assist with your project, consider reading: Do I Need an Engineer or an Architect for My Retail or Service-Sector Construction Project?

Design Tools & Software

CTM utilizes both AutoCAD 2023 and Revit BIM 2023 as its primary design tools for drawing production and is utilized by all major ‘in-house’ disciplines. In addition, each discipline department has various software, tools, and processes to support their design and engineering efforts. The following is a summary of some of the tools used regularly:

  • Trimble Sketchup: Creates detailed 3D models and accurate architectural designs that allows our team to develop intricate, scale-accurate representations of projects, facilitating precise visualization and effective client communication.
  • Adobe Photoshop: Assists in creating high-quality presentation materials and realistic renderings. Helps produce detailed, visually appealing images that enhance project proposals and client presentations, showcasing designs with precision and creativity.
  • Autoturn: Advanced software used for swept path and vehicle turning analysis, crucial for ensuring safe and efficient vehicle movements in site and road designs. Autoturn models and visualizes vehicle paths, factoring in vehicle size, speed, and turning radii. AutoTURN supports diverse vehicles, including fuel trucks, and simulates both forward and reverse maneuvers to validate design accommodations.
  • MatterPort Pro2: Helps capture 360° virtual images and perform detailed digital building scans of existing facilities. This advanced camera system creates immersive, high-resolution 3D models, enabling precise documentation and virtual walkthroughs.
MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
  • Trane Trace700: Utilized for precise HVAC heat and cooling load calculations. This advanced software enables engineers to accurately model and simulate building energy usage, ensuring optimal design for energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Trace700’s robust capabilities help us meet industry standards and deliver reliable HVAC system sizing for clients.
  • McQuay Provides accurate calculations of HVAC duct, plumbing, and pipe sizing. This tool enables engineers to design efficient and effective HVAC systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  • Greenheck CAPS: Assists in determining the optimal size and specifications for exhaust fans. This software allows engineers to simulate various environmental conditions and select the best fan models to ensure adequate ventilation and air quality.
  • Cook Compute-A-Fan: Helps precisely size and select the most suitable exhaust fans for our ventilation systems. This tool allows engineers to input specific project parameters and simulate real-world conditions, ensuring optimal airflow and efficiency.
  • AGi32: Helps enhance our lighting design projects through detailed simulation. AGi32 allows our engineers to model light levels, analyze shadows, and evaluate fixture performance in various environments.
  • Other In House Tools: Voltage drop calculators, electrical panel configurator, simulators for wiring inside a conduit and underground cables for incoming service.
  • RISA 2D and 3D: Employed for comprehensive structural analysis. RISA enables engineers to model and evaluate the behavior of structures under various loads and conditions, ensuring safety and stability.
  • Bentley RAM Structural System: Enables engineers to analyze and optimize steel structures for maximum strength, stability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • CSI SAFE: Design concrete foundations with precision by modeling and analyzing various load conditions and environmental factors. This software ensures foundation designs are robust, reliable, and optimized for structural integrity and cost-efficiency.
  • Weyerhaeuser ForteWEB: Utilized for precise wood framing design, enabling us to develop comprehensive plans for various building projects.
  • Weyerhaeuser Javelin: Employed for advanced wood framing design, allowing our team to create detailed, accurate plans for residential and commercial structures.​
Civil (Grading & SWM)
  • Autodesk CAD Civil 3D: Leveraged for site grading design and cut/fill analysis. This advanced software allows engineers to model terrain accurately, optimize earthwork operations, and ensure efficient use of resources, resulting in cost-effective and well-executed site development projects.
  • SWMHYMO: This specialized software is used for hydrological modeling, allowing engineers to simulate stormwater runoff and analyze the impact of various storm events on drainage systems. It provides tools for modeling the hydrological cycle, including precipitation, infiltration, and surface runoff, to help design effective stormwater management solutions.
  • OTTHYMO: A hydrological modeling tool that is particularly focused on urban stormwater management. It assists engineers in analyzing and designing stormwater systems by modeling runoff from urban areas and evaluating the effectiveness of different stormwater control measures.
  • PCSWMM: An advanced and comprehensive tool for stormwater management and urban drainage modeling. It integrates with EPA SWMM and provides robust features for flood forecasting, water quality modeling, and the design of stormwater management practices such as detention ponds and green infrastructure. PCSWMM enables detailed analysis of stormwater runoff, sewer overflows, and floodplain mapping, making it a versatile tool for addressing complex water management challenges.
  • IDF CC Tool 4.0: A web-based application used for calculating the intensity, duration, and frequency data needed for stormwater management. It uses historical rainfall data from Canadian rain stations and includes future climate projections to create effective and robust stormwater infrastructure designs.

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