Fully integrated design solutions.

So, you are finally ready to build a brand new commercial or retail space for your exciting new business. Or perhaps it is a long overdue structural renovation with a complete visual refresh to wow customers. Your mind is no doubt racing with a million questions!

What should my building look like? What is the best layout for my site plan? Where do I begin with a floorplan? What permits do I need? What do I need for design of drive-thrus for quick service restaurants? What are the latest restaurant gas station design trends? How will municipal guidelines dictate what I can or can’t do? How do I tie into the local infrastructure? How can I ensure my site follows national brand guidelines? Where do I begin when it comes to planning my build and hiring/managing trades? What is the best equipment, what will it cost and where do I find it? How do I upgrade my existing petroleum equipment?

You have questions? CTM has answers… and the full complement of professional architectural, engineering, design and ancillary services you require to make your build – and your business – a success.

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