Nov 12, 2015
1:05 pm

A Water-Wise Wash: How To Conserve Water At Your Carwash For Greater Savings


How to save water in your carwash using environmentally responsible reclamation systems.

Car washes take a lot of water to operate. And these days, there is a great deal of public pressure to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Fortunately, you can save a lot of water – and also reduce the associated operating costs – by choosing the right solution. The good news is that today’s reclamation systems allow you to recycle nearly 100% of the water you are able to recapture – and help eliminate wastewater in the process. These systems remove soap, chemicals, and sediment from the water so it can be stored and reused to wash another car.

By installing a good quality water reclamation system, your carwash can reduce your water and sewage bill by as much as 60%. Given the escalating costs as municipalities keep increasing rates, that can really add up.

There are many reclamation systems and design practices to choose from. When determining which is right for your carwash, there are several key things to considers:

  • Anticipated daily water volumes
  • The various products, chemicals and procedures used
  • The end use of the reclaimed water
  • The desired quality of the reclaimed water
  • Installation, upkeep and maintenance costs

Some systems use a Bio/Mechanical Filtration process, which will remove oils, grease, fuels, all types of hydrocarbons, waxes, soaps and other organic chemistries, sand, silt, BOD, COD, TSS and even dissolved solids. This is the only filtration/recycling system that ensures 100% non-interference with car wash operations, while meeting the water recycling needs.

Before moving forward, it is crucial that you understand how the system works and which chemicals are compatible with their system. This is an area where CTM and our network of car wash equipment providers can help you make the right choice.

Show customers you’re doing your part. Get your WaterSavers® Designation.

One way you can demonstrate your commitment to operate your business in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner is by obtaining the WaterSavers® designation: indicating you follow best practices in water management.

The Canadian Carwash Association (CCA) has teamed up with the International Carwash Association (ICA) to be part of this program.

By participating, you will receive access to marketing material explaining how your business is making a difference as a WaterSaver member. You have access to posters, decals, banners, buttons and signage – which can be branded with your company name. Plus, your business will be listed in their online directory of members businesses. It’s a great way to differentiate your car wash from the competition and show you’re making a difference.

Requirements include:

  • A water recycling system or a maximum use of 40 gallons/car
  • Maintaining maximum efficiency of water saving devices and spray nozzles
  • Protection of our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans by controlled discharge of waste water to municipal water treatment facilities, or as required by local ordinance.

For more information on the WaterSavers program, click here.

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